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Playptp.com Updated, and Redesigned

Well gentlemen, here it is. It had been almost 18 months since the last overhaul and in that time there have been some great advancements in the software that I use to run all this content we put up. So I held my breath this past week as I updated each line of code in this beauty to WP 2.3.2 and while closing my eyes, hit the enter key. There were a few glitches, but I think this baby is ready to fly. I will be continuing to make small adjustments that you may or may not notice, but all in all I am really pleased with what we have here.

I think there is better usability as far as data availability and the look is much more professional and dynamic. And with the introduction of “widgets” in 2.3.2, I will be able to do some really cool stuff going forward.

Some highlights of the site, other than aesthetics are the “Site Admin” button, front and center so it’s easier than ever to publish your content. At the top is our beloved Franklin Covey Field, at times the closest we get to Major League Baseball. On the backend, and something you may not see, is the ability to switch the leaders to the left side, or the standings to the right side, with just a simple mouse click. The enter site is based on “modules” that I can drag and drop and create new content to drop into a page in a really simple interface. Boner.

In the top right corner is an image of a baseball. But it also doubles as an RSS feed. If you don’t know what that is, someday you will, and it will be really cool. It is basically news syndication of our content. Not really important for us, since we come directly to the site for pleasure, but it’s still neat. Trust me.

Underneath that is an image of the old Washington National stadium. There is no relevance other than I came across the image and thought it was a good visual anchor for the right-hand content. I guess you can think of it as representing our nations capital, which enacts laws and whatever to protect our freedom to play PTP and stuff like that. Boner.

The Almanac button contains a drop-down menu that so far I find a little annoying. You can click on the Almanac button directly, but sometimes it confuses me and I feel like I have to click on one of the drop-down items. You don’t, you can just click on Almanac to go right there. The drop-down doesn’t contain all the items within the Almanac page.

On the left-hand side, above the archives, there is a section called “tag cloud”. You may have seen these around the internet, like at Flickr and such. Basically, underneath where you enter in your post there is a section called “Tags”. In this section you type in a few words about your post. For instance, for this post I will enter the tags “redesign, site features”. These tags will then appear in that section. If I wrote an entry about Pujols hitting a bomb to win a game I might use the tags “Pujols, game winning HR, BONER”, then these tags would appear in the section. Each phrase is separated by commas, so you can have multiple word phrases. The cool thing is, the more you use a certain tag, the larger the font gets for that tag. So the more posts about pujols, the bigger his “tag” gets in that section. Think of your tags as keywords describing the post that you just made. Also, you can click on a tag in the tag cloud and it will take you to all posts that have used that tag. Boner.

I guess I better start scouting for the draft. And I’ll add “draft, scouting” to the tags of this post. Oh, and you will notice that the site isn’t updated for 2021 yet. Haven’t gotten to it. But I will.

Enjoy, good buddies.