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Knights Lose. That’s News.

The Foxes sent a happy crowd home late sometime in the last month after a-hole Derek Jeter lined a single to right in the 10th to make it so instead of walking off the field, the entire Foxes ran onto the field, which explains why “walk off” may be the biggest misnomer in sports.

That alone will piss me off, but the fact that I can’t seem to get my head in the game pissed me off even more. I’m hoping I’m out of the funk.

I hurled seven pitchers at them, none of them sucked, and I ended up losing 5-4 in heartbreaking fashion. I’m now 2-1 in the last 13 months. That’s not too shabby.

Game 2 of the Foxes series will be played tonight, and then I face Ted as soon as he returns from Walden.