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Knights Win Opening Game. With Extreme Prejudice.

casey kotchman

BOX SCORE Knights Win 8-1

The Knights, drafting for pitching and getting position players because the rules say you have to, were pleasantly surprised as they faced the Foxes ace, Josh Beckett (2nd Rd pick). He didn’t make it out of the 1st inning.

************** Bottom of the 1st inning, Knights batting
0-0 0 — 22 Crawford lined a double to right center (BBFFX)
0-0 0 -2- 02 Taveras popped out to short (FbFbX)
0-0 1 -2- 21 Kotchman homered deep to right center, Crawford scored
0-2 1 — 32 Sheffield walked (BBFSBB)
0-2 1 1– 00 Green was hit by a pitch, Sheffield to second (H)
0-2 1 12- 01 Kendrick doubled deep down the left-field line, Sheffield
scored, Green to third (CX)
0-3 1 -23 20 Mora lined a single up the middle, Green scored, Kendrick
scored (BBX)
Broxton now pitching
0-5 1 1– 00 Mora stole second (>C)
0-5 1 -2- 22 Johjima struck out (>C.BFBFS)
0-5 2 -2- 32 Theriot lined a double to right center, Mora scored
0-6 2 -2- 30 Crawford was walked intentionally (IIII)
0-6 2 12- 12 Taveras struck out (BFCFS)

He pitched 0.1 innings, allowing 6 runs on 4 hits. It was a beautiful thing as The Knights put up a 6 spot to start the game, and the season.

The Foxes never recovered.

Oliver Perez for The Knights got the opening day start and went 4 strong innings, scattering 3 hits and allowing a run. Okajima, Sherrill, Putz, Saito, and then Papelbon each took turns mowing down the order, throwing 5 hitless innings to finish it off.

Kotchman went yard.