Isringhausen, Mourneau Headline Blockbuster Trade

Late Friday afternoon a deal was struck between the St. Louis Cardinals and the Minnesota Twins. The deal reportedly took almost a week to complete, and both teams were very happy about the outcome despite the just-before-completion words uttered by Mgr. Karren, “I just want you to know, in real life I would never do this.”

The Cardinals get a top-shelf 1st Basemen who’s proven himself at the other hot corner, and the Twins get one of the best relievers in the game to work alongside Nathan. Also included in the trade were a couple minor leaguers, Scott Speizio who will take over at third for the Twins, and Scott Baker who will slide into a starting role with the Cardinals.

This is the first time someone from a farm team has been traded, and the first time a farm player has been promoted to play in a regular season game. I think.

Commissioners Note:

While we had clear rules about only bringing up minor leaguers in the event of an injury, we never had any rules about trading minor leaguers to a team that would use them in their active roster…Thoughts?

One thought on “Isringhausen, Mourneau Headline Blockbuster Trade”

  1. Ahhhh…just imagine this over the loudspeaker as you get to the ballpark to watch your home team, get some snacks at the concessions stand, settle into your seat off the third base dugout, and listen to the visiting team’s lineup…

    “Batting 3rd, Chase Utley.”
    “Batting 4th, Albert Pujols.”
    “Batting 5th, Justin Morneau.”

    You might as well choke down that dog and just go home, baby.

    The Cards are going 19-7 over their last 26, to finish at 28-12; they’ll win the first round of the playoffs 3-1, and sweep the world series.

    Utley, Pujols, and Morneau will hit a combined .322/.414/.568.

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