Adrian Gonzalez Drinks My Milkshake

"Try this on for size, chump"

Adrian Gonzalez is seriously owning me this season. He alone is solely responsible for 3 of my losses this season. In 4 games against the Hairys, A-Gonz is hitting .500 (7/14) with 6 runs scored, 4 bombs and THIRTEEN RBI’s. Thirteen RBI’s in 4 games?!?!? That’s rude, plain and simple. Rest assured, if there was a “bean batter” option, it would have been used with abandon on this clown by now.

2 thoughts on “Adrian Gonzalez Drinks My Milkshake”

  1. But if you’re gonna get beat, it couldn’t have been by a more attractive man.

    The template is messed a little, images are wonky, not your fault. Fixing it….

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