I need a jump

Guys. Comrades. Fellow managers.

I propose that we do something here.

I would like to throw out the idea of talking with one another, sharing stories on a website, and playing pretend baseball games.

Just for fun.

I say we hit it hard, and relentlessly, and with joy; playing with the zeal of a young schoolboy at the playground.  Like Micah Johnston at Knowlton Elementary in 1984.

I think it would be a blast to play a few times a week – either computer games or human. It mattereth not. I long to yearn for that next game. For the cumulative stats. For weird play-by-play. For a one-game playoff to see who gets the wild-card. For the periodic game where you just can’t help buy pound out 18 hits.

I wonder if somehow we can recapture the magic that once was in this pround league.

If you’re in, please text “Ted is the best in history” to 435-232-4160.

If you’re out, and think PTP is lame, please text “Hasta La Vista, PELOTA” to 435-881-3322.

You guys are great. I miss the camaraderie. I totally and completely understand if life is too busy right now, and if we need to just pull the plug for a while.