Let's Wrap This Up


This post has nothing to do with Roger Maris, but that’s a beautiful picture.

The OOTP experiment was not a success. After a few weeks of general non-interest, the league will officially come to a stop. Ya’ all own the game so you can still play, but there will be no formal league. Doesn’t make good sense for Anderson to spend the time making it work as commissioner or me as web guy, unless we’re all into it.

But heads up, because Spring Training is only a few weeks away!

Ted Hyde Karren, Adieu.

Ted has notified the league of his retirement, and we mourn.

If you look for answers you will find none. Like so many men before him, he is venturing back into the world where pretend baseball exists only as an urban legend among his peers and a far-distant collection of faded celebrations in his own thriving theater of the mind. All we can do, much like we do for another man that came before him, is have faith in his eventual return to restore the balance of good and evil and bring back to us the paradise that he first established for his baseball brethren.


Tuesday night sim done Wednesday Morning

There will still be a sim late tonight.

Do we want to just autosim the draft?  It’s coming up next sim.  I’m thinking for future leagues we can either set up a forum to manually draft guys (start it at the beginning of the season), set up OOTP:OU and use the draft utility there, or have an excuse to have a live draft.  I’m thinking a live inaugural draft would be nice.

How does Tony Perez get in the hall and Dave Parker/Harold Baines doesn’t?