Dudes. I’m Not Dead.

Dear Fellow Champions League Managers –

Yo. First of all, my apologies for not posting in quite some time. I have

only just now returned from our regular scouting trip to the home of the

upstart Crows, Cannon Beach, OR. Whilst there for a couple weeks, I had no

Computer access and hence no access to the site that we all love. And then

on top of that, my lack of communication was exacerbated by “The Big Bus

mess” wherein I fell asleep on the bus in a cursed pair of cargo pants with

positively huge pockets that allowed their cargo (my cell phone in this case),

lamentably, to spill out onto the floor unbeknownst to me in my morning’s

early slumber. After many calls to the UTA lost and found department, I

tired and gave up hope for Ol’ Greenie (as I just now decided to call my

emerald-hued phone), had the account deactivated and gave up. Naturally,

Mere hours before I left for Cannon Beach, UTA called and told me just as

easy as that, my phone was just “processed” and was ready for me to retrieve.

Anyway, long story short, many lovely 70 degree days at Cannon Beach sans internet + lost phone = me out of the loop. Even before all of that, though, I kept meaning to contact Bri about a World Series db so I could play, but I sometimes hesitate to do that out of fear of being a pest. In retrospect, I should have been more pro-active and not just waited for others to get ahold of me. Looking at the site now, it appears the league has moved on? I’m not quite sure. If that’s the case, I understand, but please know that it hasn’t been a lack of interest that has kept me from posting – simply a lack of internet. I’m sorry I didn’t let you all know of my travel plans, either. That would have been the considerate thing to do rather than just leave. Well, I guess that’s about it. If you wouldn’t mind letting me know where my status (or lack thereof) in the league stands, that would be great. I hope I can still play with you guys.


ps. I ate pulled pork sandwiches in Portland with Danny Black. He sends his regards and thinks it’s funny we still play pretend baseball with each other.

pps. I will pick my cell phone up tomorrow and hopefully will be able to just reactivate it and pick up where I left off? We’ll see. In the meantime, you can always call me at home or e-mail me.

ppps. There is a secret message to my fellow managers in the first paragraph of this post (assuming the layout remains as is once I upload this). EDIT – it didn’t, but I messed around and now I think it should work.

you complete me