I don’t have the last two box-scores handy and much of last night is still a haze, but the fact is that the Tampa Bay Rays managed to hold on in a winner take all Game 7 of what has to go down as one of the most epic World Series in PTP history. The history of this series is already well documented – 5 of the 7 games (the first 5, in fact) all went down to the final at bat with three of them being won in walk-off fashion. Unreal.

With the Rays up 3 games to 0 and a lead in Game 4, things were looking sweet. But you KNOW Manager Karren was not going out like that. And indeed he didn’t – patented come from behind victory in Game 4 then he dished out a couple good ole’ fashioned beat-downs in Games 5 and 6 (with a 9 day layoff in between that left Ockey’s ulcer to percolate miserably). Game 6 was just brutal. Looper gets the start and takes a no-hitter into like the 5th or something. Meanwhile, Scott Kazmir is skipping up to the plate like a little ginger-dwarf and placing balls on tees for the Cards hitters before pirouetting back to the mound like a fairy. Cards are up huge and keep piling it on for a monstrous victory that has Ockey unable to control his bowels. After stewing on his losses for 10 days now, Ockey cannot bear another night alone with his failures, so he pleads for an immediate Game 7 to end it all in whatever fashion it takes. Karren graciously accepts and it is on.

Karren again shows extreme charity in allowing Ockey a re-start after Jerry has the dreaded mouse-slip when entering his saved line-up (slipped onto vs L instead of vs R which I meant to hit). Anyway, Game 7 played out as well as Ockey possibly could have scripted it – get a lead and hand that lead to Joba. The lead came courtesy of and RBI single by Pena and a solo bomb by Upton who had a huge series. But the big story of this game was James Shields. After 2 straight flat-out dismal performances by Ray starters (Carmona and Kazmir), and after getting beat up by the Cards himself in Game 3, Shields was a MAN going 7 shutout innings allowing only 3 hits while compiling 9 K’s. Joba comes in to finish and does just that. He is as impressive as ever and Tropicana Field erupts as the final out is recorded and the Rays win it all. In so doing, Ockey at long last can check off one more thing on his list of things to do before he dies -namely, beat Ted in a World Series. In fact, I could be wrong, but I think this is the first EVER time I’ve beaten Ted in a post-season series. It is humbling and gratifying to say the least because as I’m sure Bri will agree, when you beat Ted, you really know you’ve accomplished something. He is THE managerial force in the Champions League and I want to thank him for a memorable, exhausting, gut-wrenching and ultimately glorious World Series.

I Promised Myself I Wouldn’t Do This

I really did. I was going to wait…. So I’ve spent the last few months developing something nice for us (as I mention like every WEEK) and it’s getting so close to completion that I can’t help but give everyone a little sneak preview. I’m really excited for the draft and the unveiling and all that. But I’m more excited about 2023 being the year I stop the 4-yr 1st round playoff elimination slide. It hurts. Meanwhile, you guys are totally stuck in 2022. Ha! Oh wait…

A taste. oooh Scrumptuous!

The Future of Diamond Mind

While we have this break in postseason play, a couple things…

From Diamond-Mind.com:

“Version 10 game. The new version of DMB will include a number of new features, including new play-by-play and some new controls for it, playing time limitations, some new reports, and assorted other goodies. Luke will provide details and even some screen shots in his separate announcement. Version 10 is tentatively scheduled for release in February, 2009. When the feature list is finalized, we’ll announce the price, the projected ship date, and the date when we’ll begin accepting advance orders. Those future announcements will be coming from Luke and Pat at the appropriate times. ”

New reports = better website stats

This will be amazingly awesome for us, not just the new reports, but all the new features. They are even adding manager functions to the pbp. For instance, “Looks like Mgr. Ockey is going to send up a pinch hitter….” and things like that.

I can’t wait. Our new site launch (playptp.com) later this month is going to be great, but all the added features at the beginning of the year are really going to enhance our pleasure. Anyway, check out the official forums for more info.

Christmas is coming in February.

Also, seems like Jerry didn’t get the email about the draft and season disk, so here is a copy of said email. The new site will do away with the need for ptp-based emails, as db’s and stat zip files will all go through a special section of the website (cool)



no salary cap
150 PA’s for hitters
15 starts for pitchers
150 BF for relievers
DH will be used
all leagues will be in pool
3 divisions, 4 teams in each division
wild card enabled.
42 games 18 intra-division games, 12 games against each other divisions.( 6,3,3 )
serpentine draft style, no farm, injuries on.
if player is injured more than 5 games, the team can draft 26th player who will be released after injured player returns

In-person draft will also feature new website launch.