Morneau wins game for Cards with homer off fellow trade bait, Isringhausen

The Cards and Twins season finale was a blast – a blast off of Justin Morneau’s bat, that is. After Minnesota’s Kubel hit a 3-run jack off Wainwright in the 6th to put the Twins ahead 3-1, Bri thought he was sweeping this thing. He forgot, however, that the comeback Cards just DO NOT ever seem to go away. In the 8th we tied it with a 2-out rally as Schumaker hit a 2-run double off Nathan, who earned a blown save on the day. While Joe and the other Twin relievers were apparently pitching with a beach ball, the Cardinal relievers were throwing BBs up there, pitching 3.1 shutout innings. Then, in the 9th, with Card-turned-Twin Izzy out there on the mound against Twin-turned-Card Morneau…Justin smacked it over the wall for the 5-3 lead which in short order turned into a win. The Cards clearly aren’t good enough to soundly beat teams this year, but we do like to just barely find a way to win in the end. At .500 now, only 1.5 games behind those stinking Giants.

Twins Beat Giants

A one game series against the Giants in San Francisco provided another Twins victory to bring them 1 game closer to .500. Twins have won 8 of their last 10 after the trade with the Cardinals and are looking pretty solid. We are also almost a week ahead of other teams in the league so there is probably some waiting time ahead for me. Let’s get going guys!

Also Major Official Props To THE MAN.

Chris Young, who I believe was my first pick just about blew everybody away, not just the Giants. Maybe the most exciting game I’ve been a part of. I’ve been close a few times, once within 2 outs and that was extremely heartbreaking. I wept for hours. But, now we have #1, and as luck would have it, it was a human manager so all is well. I wish you all could have been there. Anyway, here is the man, the ho-hit maestro himself, Chris Young.

Spotlight – Derek Jeter PTP Historic Game #26

Derek Jeter, on November 3, 2004, almost 4 years ago, hit 4 HR’s during the 26th game of modern PTP and collected 16 bases. There have been 1,883 games payed since then and nobody has matched that output. March 5, 2006 was the last attempt at getting Jeter into the “Hall”, and to no avail.

I recently did an 11 hour simulation where I took our current teams and lineups and played 100 years. I’ve noticed several things that I’ll mention as the days go by, but one thing that I checked first was the number of 4 HR games. So how many 4 HR games do you think happened in 100 years, or 22,464 games? 3. 2 by Adam Dunn, and 1 by Royal’s catcher John Buck. During the 100 years, a 4 HR game was statistically occurring every 7,488 games. Derek Jeter, again, did it on game modern-day PTP game #26. This is a player that in real life for that season averaged a HR every 48.20 ABs, and had 10 total HRs in the full regular season.

From 2004 to 2022 there has been 1 player to collect 14 bases, and 8 players to collect 13 bases. That night, Jeter collected 16 bases. That record still stands.

Here are the “real life” numbers of everyone who has hit at least 3 HRs in a game, and Jeter’s “real life” numbers when he hit his historic 4. He has the highest AB/HR ratio and the third lowest SLG among the men who could only hit 3. Hats and jocks off to you my friend, that I actually don’t really like that much in real life. This could be the rarest feet of all time, we’ve been trying to reach Chris Young for comment.

After ugly sweep at hands of weak Astros, Cards come back from 5 down in 7th to beat Royals

A couple games that are kind of painful.

Game 1 – I’m up 4-2 in the 7th, but the Astros score 6 runs in the inning on:
5 hits, 1 walk, 2 errors, and 2 passed balls… Ouch.
The pen and our D waste a rare good start by a Cardinal starter.
3 hits by Eckstein and Pu go to waste as well.
Only 3 of the 9 Astro runs are earned.

Game 2 – Now, THIS is a typical Cardinal starter line:
5 innings, 9 hits, 6 runs.
Biggio, Pence, and Lee, demolish my boy Wellemeyer.
My pen throws 3 hitless shutout innings, but we can’t come back from the huge 1-run deficit facing us for the final 5 innings. Their pen pitches 5.2 scoreless innings with that 1-run lead.
Pu leaves 3 men on in scoring position in his final 2 at bats.

Game 3, now vs. Royals.
Teahen, Rollins, Wright, and Gload all have multiple hits off my starter Escobar, who gets 11 k’s but also allows 11 hits through 7, leaving down 5-0 after throwing 142 pitches.
In the 7th we score 4 runs, all with 2 outs (those on a bases loaded no outs DP – DANGIT). Great inning to start the comeback, but I’m bummed that I get 8 baserunners on in the inning and only score 4.
My pen pitches 2 hitless scoreless innings as I make my comeback move.
In the 9th, I score 2 more, to tie then go ahead, again with 2 outs, as Schumaker homered, Ludwick doubled, and Duncan singled him home.
Of my last 16 batters in this game, KC pitchers only got only 3 of them out (6 total outs in those 2 final innings, but one came on a DP and 2 others were thrown out at home).