Eligible Teams In The House

St. Louis
Chicago Sox
San Francisco
Kansas City
Tampa Bay

Should we draw teams out of a hat?  ‘Cause if I get stuck with K.C. I’m liable to stab someone with a pencil.

Jerry – Luke has direct orders to photograph and document all scouting activities this weekend.  I wouldn’t have told you, but now I feel guilty and there is no way I can stop him from completing his mission.  He’s like Jason Bourne.  He’s programmed to dominate all activites.  Travis had better watch his back.  His only weakness, his kryptonite, is his big sister who will absolutely pummel him at the slightest provocation, and he is helpless to defend himself.

Get Ready to Test Your Managerial Mettle: 2022 Parameters (rough draft)

Alright – we’ve all seen how you do managing an All-Star team of players where everyone on your roster had cards where they hit over .300 and all your pitchers had ERA’s under 4. We’ve seen you win divisions and world championships with those hand-picked super-squads.

Guess what?
We’re not impressed. My grandma could have won titles with some of those teams. It’s time to see what kind of a manager you really are. What happens when we hand you the reins to a piece of crap team? Will you turn it around? Or will you drive that franchise even further into the ground? 2022 will let us all know. Here’s how it will work:
In real-life 2007, there were 14 major league teams with losing records. In the 2022 draft, you will select one of those teams and turn that rag-tag bunch of losers into a champion….or will you? Time will tell. Obviously this draft will take like 3 seconds since there will only be one round. This will leave more time for HR derby and other lofty pursuits (assuming we can swing a live draft). Although the draft itself will be quick, I think the research up to the draft will be interesting, fresh and fun. Scouting teams rather than players will I think prove refreshing.
Other parameters:
*To enhance the managerial aspect, no DH will be used (keep this in mind as you scout american league teams)
*Everyone on the team roster will be eligible (no min requirements). Will you take a gamble on a low-AB guy even though the rest of his crappy team sucks?
*Since you’re drafting a team, no salary cap will be in force.

What do you guys think? I’m definitely open to changes – perhaps adding a 2nd round of the draft where you draft a “free agent” player from a team not being used? This would make it a little easier for the teams picking late in the draft, but it might defeat the purpose of managing a bad team, too. Thoughts?