One Month and Zero Posts Later, Hairys Remain Champions

That’s right, ladies, it’s true. The Hairys, as improbable as it seems, woke up this morning to find that they are still PTP champions. How long it takes for another team to man up and take the title from them remains to be seen, but if recent activity is any indicator, the rest of the managers are content to remain curled in the fetal position whimpering for their mothers. And oh yes, I DID just say that.

ps. Manager Ockey urges ptp fans everywhere to check out Comissioner Utley’s recent blog post on his long and storied history with books. As you all know, Utley has a singular gift for writing – he manages to effortlessly and simply convey his thoughts and instill inspiration without even trying. I read that thing and I was scrambling for the nearest book just so I could start to try and be like Bri. Thank you Bri. Thank you Ted. For that 2021 Championship that you gave me.