Hogs beat Hairys, 4-1, 2-1.

Kazmir’s got the Bedard syndrome this year. These two once-proud lefties have been pummeled to a pulp during this strange season. The Hogs are the latest to give the man a beating. They pounded him for 11 hits and 4 runs in 6.2 innings, with Byrnes and Polanco collecting 3 hits apiece. Not even 5 outs on the basepaths for the Hogs could keep us down in this one. Starter Gabbard pitched 4.1 innings of 2-hit ball, and then Delcarmen pitched another 4.1 innings of 2-hit ball in relief for the Hogs.

In game 2, the Hogs continued to run themselves out of opportunities on the basepaths. ANOTHER FIVE outs on the basepaths thwarted rally after rally. But fortunately starter Burnett was throwing BB’s for me out there. He pitched a 4-hit, shutout, 6.1 innings. Mauer and Polanco each had RBI hits for me. Hairy pinch hitter Ethier struck out to end the game as the tying run was on. Hogs sweep, despite getting caught stealing 8 times in the 2-game series. An inglorious record for that category?

First Place Knights V. Last Place Sox

It was a split, and it was awesome.

First game I won, uneventful.  Bullpen rocked, got hits when I needed them.

Second game I got rocked with like 7 straight hits to start the game and was down 5-3 in the 9th.  Kendrick doubled with 2 men on and 2 out to tie it all up.  Extra innings baby!

Then Greg Zaun HR’d to win in the bottom of the 14th and all 1,435 fans went crazy.

Hogs lose twice to Scorps; go 0-4 against them for the year

Game 1- We both only get 6 hits, but they get 2 runs and I get 0. It’s the 9th time in 32 games that I’ve scored 1 or less in a game (28% of the time). Oddly, they pulled Vazquez after he pitched 4.1 scoreless innings, having only allowed 3 hits. Guerrier, Hoffman, Zumaya, and K-Rod go the next 4.2, only allowing another 3 hits and another 0 runs. Bannister starts for me and pitches great, going 6.2, allowing 6 hits and no walks, and just 2 runs, but gets the loss with no run support out there.

Game 2- Bedard gets killed AGAIN. Amazing, really. He goes to 0-5 on the year after allowing 9 hits and 7 runs in 4.1 innings. Scutaro and Reyes each get 3 hits in the game, with Scutaro going yard and getting 4 RBIs. They jumped out to a 7-0 lead behind Meche’s starting pitching (why are all these scrubs continually outpitching Bedard, EVERY GAME?) He goes for 6 innings, allowing only 3 hits and a run. Like every starting pitcher this year has had almost that identical line against me. How many can I win continually doing that?) (10 of 32 is the answer to that question, by the way). I do mount a comeback attempt late, however. My only hot guy, Adrian Gonzalez, goes deep for me, and we creep back. In the 9th, I have 3 guys come to the plate as the potential tying run and they go strikeout, popup, strikeout. Swept.

Hogs split with Wheelers

Game 1 – Burnett goes for me, and does ok – 3 earned runs on 5 hits in 7 innings. We go into the 8th down 3-1, though, because they threw Shields at me, as he came in with a sub-2 ERA and a sub-1 WHIP, and was doing more of the same to me in this one. In that bottom of the 8th, though, still against Shields, Byrnes singled, stole 2nd, then scored on a Polanco single. Only down a run now. Then Anderson singled, 2 on. Then, with two outs, and death (well, at least a loss) on the line, Adrian Gonzalez hits a 2-RBI double down the line for the 4-3 Hogs lead! Then, in the 9th, with the tying run on 3rd, my workhorse reliever Herges gets a McCann groundout for the save in this fun, comeback win.

Game 2 – Escobar comes in against me with his weak 6+ ERA, but he throws bb’s my way all night, only allowing 4 hits and a run in 6 innings. Wilson and Pena relieve him and throw 3 scoreless innings. My lineup is impotent, getting just 6 hits, only 1 for extra bases, in the game. My starter Guthrie gets his 3rd loss on the season, with only 1 win, even though he’s got a respectable 3.65 ERA on the year. Johnson, their 1st baseman, kills me in the series, going 4-8 with a double and a homer, 2 runs, and 4 RBIs.