Restful Weekend Recharges Ockey and His Starters

Back from a lovely and relaxing weekend in out of the way Midway, Utah that featured delicious rib-eye steaks and watching blizzards from the warmth of a rustic old lodge, Manager Ockey’s batteries were recharged. And apparantly his starters were totally stoked as well as they pitched WELL against the Foxes and Wheelers.

Game 1, vs. Foxes. Kazmir is totally sweet, going 5 innings in which he allowed 4 hits, one UN-earned run and struck out 7 while walking none. Sabathia is very impressive for the Foxes, allowing only 2 runs in 7 strong innings, but Zumaya in relief gives up a 2-run insurance blast to Cousin Chase in the 8th and Mo earns a 2-inning save.

Game 2, vs. Foxes. Myers is also totally freaking sweet, going 6 innings allowing only 3 hits and a run while K’ing 5. Bonderman for the Foxes is VERY effective, going 7 innings, allowing only 2 runs and striking out 8. Those 2 runs both courtesy of Soriano with a solo blast and RBI single. Myers hands over a 2-1 lead to Heilman, who is supposed to be good. Unfortunately, he, along with Oliver, is really bad. He doesn’t get help as Soriano drops a flyball that should have been out #1. Heilman doesn’t respond well to that, as he throws a wild pitch then gives up a double and 2 singles to turn a 2-1 lead into a 4-2 defecit. Neshek and Nathan pitch a hitless 8th and 9th to preserve the Fox win.

Game 3, vs. Wheelers. Hamels’ turn to be freaking good. He goes 6 innings allowing only 3 hits and 2 runs (only 1 earned) while K’ing 7. As has been the case in every game, the opposing pitcher is up to the challenge as well. This time it’s Jered Weaver, who goes 7 innings allowing only 5 hits and K’ing 8. He gives up 3 runs to Hamels’ 2, though, and that’s the margin of victory – a 3-2 nut-squeezer. Hairys get all their offense in the 6th as Utley hits a solo bomb and Beltran a 2-run blast. Mo pickes up another 2-inning save and it’s a thing of beauty – no hits, no walks and 3 K’s.

Game 4, vs. Wheelers. Schilling’s turn to shine. He goes 8 innings allowing only THREE hits and strikes out 8. Beltran hits a 2-run bomb off Wheeler Lackey, who was AWESOME as well – he went 7 innings allowing 2 earned runs while striking out TEN Hairys. Wheelers immediately tie the game at 2 with Ichiro RBI single and Beltre RBI ground-out that the computer teased Ockey with, saying it should be a GDP. So, instead of going home to nail the slow of foot Johjima, I go for the GDP and of course Beltre beats it out. Lame. Anyway, it’s tied at 2 til the 3rd when Beltran gets a sac fly to make it 3-2. And that was it. Nothing but zeroes on the board the rest of the way. ANOTHER 3-2 clencher. MO can’t finish it cuz he’s been doing all this 2-inning stuff and his fatigued, so Bowie comes in and gets it done.

I can’t remember a series of games that featured such GREAT pitching duels. I was way lucky to get the wins I did. I only scored 12 runs over the 4 games, but thankfully, my opponents only scored 9. Great stuff.

Ps. My financial investment in AROD is REALLY paying off. He’s hitting .155 with 20 K’s in 80 PA’s and has hit into 5 double plays – more than twice as many as anyone else on my roster. Thanks for showing up, pal.

Random Statistic #2: A Record Buffet

Miscellaneous Records:

Omar Vizquel in the only infielder to have an errorless season, 2019

Michael Young went 44 games, the longest streak ever, at shortstop without an error. He committed an error during the 2nd game of the 2016 42-game season. He played the remainder of the season error-free and all 4 playoff games. 2016 was the year of Bart’s only division championship, Young was his shortstop.

The Scorpions hit a HR in 31 consecutive games.

The Crows had a stolen base in 21 consecutive games.

The Foxes had a 12 game errorless streak.

The Crows went 8 games without allowing a HR.

The Scorpions and Knights both have had winning streaks of 10 games.

No player in PTP has been ejected twice in their career.

The Hedgehogs are the only team to steal 7 bases or more in a single game. 5 other teams have had 6.

The Computer Cheats

0-0 in the bottom of the 9th.  They get a couple hits.  I warm up a righty reliever if they get to Sanchez, who hits over .400 against lefties.  Sanchez comes up with 2 men on against my lefty, Feliciano, so I right click on my bullpen to bring in my righty, but instead of the menu to bring in the pitcher, THE COMPUTER PITCHES THE BALL INSTEAD.  1st pitch, single, GAME OVER.