Full Mutiny In Breakers Front Office

Nantucket Knights take over operations, personnel.

Despite my attempts to integrate myself into the Bay Area, I was never able to fully embrace the name change.  So I changed it.  I looked up the rules and I couldn’t see anything that would prohibit me from doing so.

The Bay Area Breakers had a great run, but my heart is in Nantucket.

That is all, my friends.  The Bay Area Breakers will be having a farewell luncheon this afternoon at 2:15 on flight DL3113.

Breakers Split With Tricycles.

A full post.  A rarity.

Game 1.  We were held in check by tricycle starter Benson who despite his incredibly high ERA coming into the game was throwing BBs.  It was fairly ordinary game until the 6th when the tricycles pulled ahead on an RBI single by Vidro.  The Breakers tied the game in the 8th when Nuschler beat out an infield hit.  I ran Hunter for him and promptly stole 2nd.  Hunter took 3rd on a ground out as Manny gave himself up for a ground ball to the right side.  The next hitter, Larkin, would single to right center but not before he balked in Hunter from 3rd.  Tied game.  We took the lead in the top of the 10th.  But the Breakers have been fighting pitching fatigue for the last 5 games and they literally didn’t have a fresh arm.  Kerry Wood was pitching for a couple innings when he went to the mound for the rare save.  Vidro grounded out, then Stewart lined a single.  Beltre tagged one, but right to Sheldon who was playing first base.  2 outs, runner on 2nd, up by one.  Then this:

Walk – 2 men on
Lorraine enters from the bullpen
Walk on 4 pitches – bases loaded
Walk on 6 pitches – tied game
Walk on 4 pitches – game over Breakers lose.


Game 2.  Seems the Breakers were pissed, and with a revamped order the Breakers got key hits at key times and worked the split, winning 6-4.  My 1-6 hitters are arranged like this:


Not to shabby methinks.

My pitching staff was even worse off this game than the first, but Ankiel kept things close despite giving up 8 hits in 4.2.  Oddly enough, Lorraine was the tough guy in this one, coming back from the most humiliating loss of his career to go 2.2 innings allowing 3 hits and 1 walk.  He got the win and moves to 2-1 despite his 11.12 ERA.

So my staff is a little busted up going into the upcoming Hairys series and as the season comes to an end, the Breakers will be worrying less about season record and more about resting pitchers for a highly probably postseason appearance.

I can already start to hear the Edmonds ’19 vs. Lopez ’18 debates beginning to heat up.

As league actions slows, news of a Hogs/Crows split

The Hogs got a win in game 1, then dropped the 2nd game to fall to 17-15 on the year. It was Hudson vs. Milton in the opener, and the first 6 innings of the game were a pitchers duel. Well, kind of. Hudson only allowed three solo homers, to Bernie, AROD, and Dye, and Milton was pitching a shutout going into the 6th. Hidalgo homered for Smithfield in the 6th to pull the Hogs to within 2, but Bernie immediately hit his 2nd jack of the game off Hog reliever Sirotka in the next inning for a 4-1 Cannon Beach lead going into the 7th inning stretch. Aybar came in for the Crows, and promptly gave up 3 singles to the Hogs. Enter Crow Chouinard. He gives up an RBI single Hog pinch hitter Burkhart, a bases loaded walk to McGwire, and a 2 RBI single to Sheff. Hogs go up 5-4 just like that. Benitez pitched brilliantly in the 7th and 8th and decent enough in the 9th to get the win for Karren, as Ward pitched the last 2 outs for the save. Another nice, comeback win.

In game 2 I was up 2-0 in the 4th inning, they started scoring tons of runs, like 13 of them, and beat the hell out of me.

4 games ago I owned the division. Now the Scorps keep winning, and it’s getting tighter that I like it. I’ve only got 8 games to go, and only a 1 game lead over hot (no pun intended) Scottsdale, and also just a 1 game lead over Grand Junction and Brighton for the coveted Wild Card spot. Of those 4 teams, 2 will be headed to playoff glory soon, and 2 will be left out in the cold, like Jurgis in the Jungle. I play the Scorps head to head in 4 of my last 8 games. I like that challenge. Nice scheduling perk too – a FOUR day layoff before playing my first series against them, and a two game layoff before my final series with them…the last 2 games of the year. Oh, I can hear Vincent Price just laughing like a maniac right now in my head, as my anticipation and delight builds.

Hogs win 2 more, each by a run, now have won 7 in a row

Game 1 – Lieber and McKnight squaring off at Three Rivers, each under .500 and each with an ERA over 6 coming in. They allowed a combined 11 runs in a combined 4.2 innings. Man.

1st inning – Vlad hits solo homer for Sox, then McGwire counters with 3-run chimichanga. 3-1 Hogs early.
2nd inning – Sox get 4, highlighted by Andruw Jones solo homer and Klesko 2-run double. Hogs counter with Hansen and Sheffield back to back solo homers. 5-5 after 2.
3rd inning – Tejada 2-run jack. Hogs don’t counter offer. 7-5 Sox.
4th inning – Bonds solo blast. Hogs counter with sac fly. 8-6 Sox.
5th inning – Grebeck RBI single and another sac fly tie the thing up at 8-8.
6th inning – Hogs THIRD sac fly of the night puts them ahead, 9-8.
6th, 7th, 8th, 9th innings – Hogs bring in 5 relievers at the Sox, none of them allowing any hits or runs. Hogs hold on to win by a run.

Game 2 – Back and forth, baby. I’m facing 3-1 Schilling.

1st inning – Sheffield and Everett both go deep in the first to stake the Hogs to a quick 3-0 lead.
2nd inning – Sox manufacture runs. They score on a sac fly, a groundout, and RBI hits by Cirillo and Lieberthal. 4-3 Sox.
4th inning – Valentin and Sheff get RBI hits for the Hogs, and McGwire walks with bases loaded. We go up 6-4, but ground into a DP moments later with the bases loaded. That smarts.
5th inning – Everett hits 2nd homer of the game. Schilling hits the showers. We’re now up 7-4. With how my relievers have pitched lately, I THINK I’m golden from here.
6th inning – My nemesis, Bonds, homers off me. He’s KILLED me this year. 7-5 Hogs.
7th inning – Sox send 9 men to the plate, score 3 runs, and retake the lead,8-7. Fatigued Benitez gets us out of bases loaded jam to prevent it getting even worse. A Sox error and wild pitch allow me to score 2 cheap run in my half of the inning, we go back ahead, 9-8.
8th inning – Jones homers to tie for Sox, and Thome hits RBI double (he’s SICK this year, isn’t he?) to give them back the lead, 10-9.
9th inning – I’m down to my last chance. They’ve got Shaw in, their closer, who’s been amazing so far this year. Hundley pinch hits, and homers to tie it. I like that. Then i get a double, and walk, and a single to load the bases, still no outs. I win on a weak ground ball that their guy can’t throw to home fast enough.

I feel dang good. My first win as a father of 3. The win streak is at 7, and in the last six of those wins I’ve been behind at some point in the game, often late in the game. The last 5 wins have all been by 2 runs or less.