Javy Lopez Wins Triple Crown – Avenges 2004


The amazing Javy Lopez made history late Monday by completing the greatest season ever by an offensive player in PTP history. He also became the first player ever to win the Triple Crown. Along with leading the league with 392 AVG, 24 HRs, & 54 RBIs, Javy lead in the following categories:

1. SLG (.869) All-Time Record
2. Hits (69) All-Time Record
3. Runs (40) (41 is all time record)
4. Extra Base Hits (34) All-Time Record
5. Runs Created (63.7) All-Time Record
6. Runs Created/27 outs (15.4) Tied, All-Time Record
7. Isolated Power (.477) All-Time Record
8. Total Average (1.491)
9. Total Bases (153) Crushed All-Time Record by 34 Bases
10. OPS (1.293) All-Time Record
11. AB Per HR (7.3) All-Time Record
12. At Bats (176)
13. Total Bases + BB + HBP (164) All-Time Record
14. TB+BB+HBP Rate (.863) All-Time Record
15. AB Per Game (4.40)

Javy Lopez was pulled in the bottom of the 8th for catcher Johnson with a .001 lead in average over Pujols. Javy appealed to manager Utley and retold the 2004 story of Luis Gonzalez getting late-season ABs to barely qualify for the batting title and beat out Javy, who led the league in RBIs and HRs but fell short of the Triple Crown with his .391 average. Javy pleaded for a much needed substitution in the 8th, with the division already clinched and Mgr Utley agreed, holding Javy at .392. Javy, who won the batting crown, did so with more ABs than anyone in the league.

Oh, and he threw out 42% of would-be base stealers to go along with his .996 fielding %.

This was the 5th game in a row that the Knights scored 10 or more runs. No other team has more than 2 in a row.

2019 Draft Parameters: For Your Consideration

In honor of the upcoming Home Run Derby as part of All-Star Weekend and in recognition of the recent home run milestones that have either been achieved or will be shortly, ie. Bonds passing Aaron, Sosa’s 600th, and several players (AROD, The Big Hurt, Sheff, etc) closing in on 500, I thought it would interesting and hopefully fun to make 2019 a tribute to this most majestic of sporting achievements: The Home Run. We will make this season our homage to the homer, our salute to the swat, our laudation to the longball, our tribute to the tater, our bouquet to the big fly, our felicitation to the four-bagger, our memorial to the moonshot, our ballad to the bomb, yea, even our document to the dong. To that end, the following parameters are up for consideration:

*Jerry would give money to Bri for the purchase of the 2000 Season Disk (the season during which more homers were hit than any other) which would be used for 2019
*ALL batters would be eligible
*A DH WOULD be used
*NO PITCHER with a HR/9 of LESS than 1.0 would be eligible; pitchers with a HR/9 of greater than or equal to 1.0 ARE eligible
*The only stadiums used would be those 9 that saw the most homers hit in 2000 (assuming we can track down those values). Each manager would select their stadium and the stadiums for their computer teams before the teams’ first draft pick. ie. 1st pick in the draft would have 1st choice at stadium and would make that selection prior to their 1st player selection.
*Ideally, a live-draft would be held in Logan with, of course, an accompanying real-life Home Run Derby.

I think that’s it. If you both are amenable to these parameters, let’s get out our big Sammy Sosa-style corked bats, slather on the pine tar and give the fans a show.

ps. there are a couple potential downsides to these parameters: would it be too silly and unrealistic? would any home run associated records have to be *’d and thus mar our esteemed hall of fame?? discuss.

Knights vs. Hairys Game 2: By The Numbers

As Bri mentioned in his report, this was one weird and wild and wooly and wacky game at Wrigley. And weird. Although the boxscore can never truly tell the whole story of all the “bouncing off gloves” and “he DROPS it, picks it up and fires it into the stands”, the numbers do at least help to show how truly bizarre this game was. This game featured:

*5 lead changes
*5 ties
*11 different pitchers
*26 different batters
*23 runs on 29 hits (not a defensive or pitching showcase)
*2 errors and a hit batsman
*12 extra base hits (9 doubles, a triple and 2 bombs)
*3 infield singles (all by bri – fetcher)
*4 plays at the plate (no runners thrown out)
*1 strike-em-out, throw-em-out DP
*a hold, a blown save, a win and a save all by the same staff (Bri’s)

In a word, WEIRD.

The story of the Hogs’ last 8 games, and how Ted missed the playoffs

With 8 games to play , at 2 games under .500, I went into a 4-game set with the 3-wheelers. I won the first three games, behind Pujols just crushing it left and right. I controlled my own destiny, and had 2 against the Wheelers and 3 against the so-beatable New Mexico left. Then it happened. One of those stretches that have defined my season, where the odds continually get bucked and bizarre, bad things happen to me over and over again, and the computer just manhandles me like a mutha. After my 3-game winning streak, I somehow managed to lose 4 straight. I won’t bore you with the details. But surprisingly, my problem this season was hitting when I needed it, just as much as it was a weak pithing staff put together in the late rounds of the draft. I had some really bad errors (often playing unrated Gonzo at short or second) that blew a couple games, and some really bad luck on the basepaths that cost me a couple games, but mostly it was just not getting big hits, especially homers, when I needed them. It’s amazing that for how bad I feel like things went this season, I’m only a couple plays away from a playoff berth. Say good bye to my once-scary lineup that included the likes of Mora, Delgado, Pujols, Gonzalez, Nixon, and Guererro. They’re not that good anyway. Enjoy the playoffs, boys. I’ll be watching from the sidelines for the 2nd year in a row.