Greetings From Greece

Hi fellas,

Everything is good here in Skiathos. I haven’t done much scouting but I think I’ll be ready for an internet-based draft upon return. All week long I’ve been doing massive simulations and came up with odds for no-hitters, perfect games, cycles, and a few other things. I simulated 90,000 games over 500 years and have the odds for each occurrance. No worries, I’ve been doing it overnight as we go to sleep so Mrs. Utley hasn’t even noticed…much.

We leave for Athens on Friday and we are spending a couple days there looking at really old stuff. Anyway, hugs and kisses to you both. Talk to you in a few days…

2018 Draft Parameters

Ever wonder what Travis Hafner could do against Charlie Hough? Well, so does he.

Simply because we can, the time has come to jump in the PTP time machine and send these boys back to the men they watched as babies and see what they can do. Hurlers from 1986, sluggers from our genesis season, 2003.

Ichiro vs. Blyleven
Righetti vs. AROD
Thigpen vs. Thome
Gooden vs. Wright
Valenzuela vs. Pujols
Viola vs. Mauer

Are you feeling it? SO AM I.

Hitter limits. 300 PAs, and must be from 2003.

Pitcher limits:. 15 starts for starters, 100 BF for relievers and must be from 1986.

Database will be sent out TONIGHT.