Bengals score 24 runs in 3 games series with Hogs, take 2 of 3, Hogs in last place

The Bengals just hammered my pitching staff in our series.

In game 1 my pen got lit up for 5 runs in 4 innings, as we wasted another Thome homer in an unnecessary loss. Wang pitched well for Brighton, going 6 innings, allowing only 4 hits and a run for the win. 7-4 Bengals.

I took game 2, but I had to score 12 runs to do it. My boys smoked their starter Arroyo, who’s now 0-2. I had 6 players with 2 hits, and Beltran, Rollins, Rolen, and Baker all hit homers. A 6 run 8th enabled us to pull away. Good thing, because I still allowed 5 runs in the 8th and 9th to almost let them come back. 12-9 Hogs.

Game 3 was sick. 8-0 Bengals. Escobar got his 2nd win, goin 8 innings, allowing only 4 hits while striking out 8. Oritz hit two jacks in the Bengal win.

Whales Tell Hairys to Lick Their Blow-hole.

The big fat cheating computer continued its cheating ways in this 3-game series monday evening.  Ervin Santana (or should I say Nolan Ryan) was untouchable as he mowed down the Hairys without even trying hard.  He gave up a walk and 3 hits while striking out 11 of my guys in 8 innings.  Meanwhile, Hairy piece of crap Villanueva gave up 3 bombs – 2 of those to powerhouse Jose Valentin (????).  6-2 final, but it wasn’t even that close.

Game 2 was sweet – at least the first 3 innings were.  That’s when the Hairys laid a whipping on CC Sabathia that finally had him crapping his pants and faking an injury to get out of the game and the next 5 days.  The Riot was 2-2 with a triple and homer in the 1st 2 innings as the Hairys jumped out to an 8-0 lead.  Unfortunately, Weaver took this as a sign that he could take the rest of the game off as he gave up bomb after bomb to Whale hitters.  Thankfully, they were all solo shots – 2 to Pujols and another to Church, but when Reyes gave up a 2-run shot to Pujols (yes, that’s 3 in the game) in the 8th, it was 8-5 and Ockey took out the little hammer and broke the glass on the fire alarm.  Saito came in and and induced 2 weak pop-ups and then Papelbon came in in the 9th and that’s when the computer really got ballsy.  Papelbon gave up 2 singles and 2 walks to plate a run without recording an out.  I’m PRETTY sure he did that exactly NEVER last season.  Way to re-write history for your own benefit, you egg-sucking bastard computer.  Ockey was out of his head as it was now 8-6 with the bases loaded and no out.  Thankfully, Papelbon got a pop-up for one, but then gave up a sac fly to make it 8-7 and bring up Pu.  Ockey literally dared the computer to give him another bomb and thankfully not even the computer can cheat THAT bad as Papelbon K’d the Pu to end it.

Game 3 sucked.  Mussina was getting through innings with like 5 pitches and Carpenter was horrible and going full count on EVERYBODY.  Tell me that’s not cheating.  Mussina goes complete game on 99 pitches and Carpenter gets yanked after 6 having thrown 92.  Hilarious.  Carpenter, who was allegedly good last season, is now 0-2 with an ERA just shy of 5.  Whales out-homered me 8-1 in the series.  My team is NOT good – their batting average is probably around .230.  Hafner is awful.  Rivera, who had like 60 K’s in 450 AB’s last season is going to have 60 by the halfway point of this season.  Radical!!

Knights Pull Into First Place In Southern Division

Bowman and Utley met up for a classic game late Wednesday night. I can’t tell you how long it has been since these two powerhouses went head to head.

This game was a classic pitchers duel as Cain allowed a couple hits through 6 innings. He would end up striking out 9 through 6.1, but he ran into trouble in the 7th as the Battalion went 1B, 1B, HR by Young to take the 3-0 lead. Cain would be pulled and the Knights would start the 8th down by 3.

8th inning started K, PO. Then, with 2 outs, we went BB, BB, HR by Berkman to tie it up. A scoreless 9th, 10th, 11thm, 12th, then in the 13th the Knight’s backup catcher Coste wold hit a grand salami to give the Knights the lead and eventually, the victory. 8-3 Knights. 14 different pitchers were used.

Game 2 was somewhat uneventful. The Knights had a big 3rd inning as we went BB, E8, 1B, BB, 1B to score 4 runs. Knights win 7-2.

So far the Knight’s bullpen has only allowed 3 ER in 23.2 innings while my starters have allowed 11 ER in 26 innings. Or something like that.