In a Series eerily reminiscent of 2009 (Bri wins Game 1 in walk-off fashion, Hairys rally and take next 3), the Gary Hariys became 2-time World Champions Friday night. They are now off to enjoy a post-season vacation in Colorado, but will provide a complete report upon their return. In short, the story of the Series was Hairys pitching. Ockey felt his only real chance was to get a victory out of his only lefty starter Cliff Lee, so after he got his doors blown off in Game 1, hope was dwindling. But, Ockey turned to his righty starters and they knew what they had to do. Unbelievably, they looked the righty-smashing Knight line-up right in the eye and did not flinch. Pedro, Sheets and Seo each only gave up one run in their respective starts to lead the Hairys to the promised land. Since you can’t give the series MVP to a whole staff and since his start was the most crucial and since he was the most dominant, Pedro won the award. Asked about it, Martinez paraphrased Clark Grizzwald in saying “Bend over and I’ll show you where you can put that Cy Young award. That’s right, you can cram it up your cram-hole.” And so, Pedro and the Hairys will happily take World Series rings instead. Condolences and much respect to Utley and the Knights. They did not let up for a second and took Ockey’s ulcer to another level. See you guys in a week. Love, Jerry

MVP & CY Young Results

In one of the closest votings in history, Delgado collected 13 of 15 1st place votes.  AROD finished with 11 votes.  Howard collected 2, and Ichiro 1.

Chien-Ming Wang pulled off a similar win with 13 of 15 possible votes.  Pedro Martinez came in with 11, Mariano with 2, and Carpenter got a single vote.

Delgado and Wang are Mgr. Utley’s 9th & 10th award winning players.  Wang is Utley’s 6th Cy Young winner and Delgado is his 4th MVP.