Happy Birthday to the Best Commissioner Ever

Forgive me for not remembering exactly which day it is, Bri, but I’m pretty sure we are +/- 2 days from your day of birth and for that reason, I’m sure I speak for the whole league in wishing you a super-happy one.  I hope to give you a great present in the form of sweeping you in our upcoming rumble of a 2-game set.  In all seriousness, thanks for making ptp what it is and have a wicked-sweet and awesome day of celebration and frolic.

Good News For Historicity of Playptp.com

I was able to locate and import all previous posts and comments that existed on the original and now extinct playptp.com site. A total of 621 news articles and 1,148 comments have been restored, translated, and imported into this new publishing program. All news from the beginning of PTP is now on this main site. Hip hip hooray. I will be adding a search box for that news as well as links to news archives. Meanwhile, there is this for the old articles.

Knights Complete 3rd straight Sweep, 7 wins in a row.

Game 1 was tight thanks to amazing pitching performances by Contreras and King Felix. Felix went into the 8th giving up only 4 hits. The story was the top of the 10th when Pierzynski forgot to catch the pitch and Delgado would score on the passed ball. Mariano was already in the game so you know he was going to nail it down. The Moms would only manage 4 hits through 10 innings.

After barely beating the new kid on the block and feeling like it was time to teach noobs that 1st place isn’t something anybody except myself should get comfortable with, the Knights girded up their batting armor and absolutely lit up the Moms. Mom had only given up 5 HRs through 9 games coming into the 2nd game of this doubleheader. The Knights tee’d up on Oswalt and banged 4 out with bombs from Tracy, Hafner, Delgado, and Dunn. Knights put up a 7 spot in the 5th and scored a total of 14 runs on 17 hits.

Although the Knights swept the series, they combined to leave 24 men on base. This may be the most men left on base in a swept series in the history of the league. I’m not going to check, though. Wang moves to 2-0 and his ERA raised slightly to 1.57.

In game 1 Chad Tracy came to the plate with Chipper on 1st.  Contreras would throw a pitchout.  Surprisingly, Chad Tray took a swing at it and lofted a lazy fly ball to center.  A balk was then called and Chipper was awarded 2nd and Tracy would come back to the plate with a 0-0 count.  I’ve never seen 2 things in PTP.  First, a swinging pitchout.  And second, a balk on a pitch that was actually hit.  Check out the screenshot.


Hairys Brace for Showdown with Your Mom

With the surging Knights and Maternal Collegiates mowing down opponents left and right, the Gary Hairys once comfortable lead in the division has all but vanished.  The Hairys now hold a meager one game over both clubs, and a 2-game series with the Mothers could leave them shaking their head in a tie for 2nd.  Obviously, everyone hopes that will not happen, as Hairy fans everywhere hope their team’s winning streak can continue.  Either way, one of these squads must see their impressive winning ways come to an end.  Ockey has heard rumors that Manager Crow is most available on Wednesdays and Thursdays, so he is hoping that that will be the case this week and that these guys can get this series in the books.  Let me know what works for you, Andy.

ps.  feel free to stop hitting homers for a couple games.