Vinny Castilla – Making a Case for MVP

With his 2 HRs, 1 2b and 4 RBI in the crucial last game of the Hairy season putting an exclamation point on an incredible year, it’s time to take a close look at Vinny’s numbers as post-season award voting nears.

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know – he only hit .230. No way he’s league MVP, right? Wrong. With one game left to be played, Vinny is currently the league leader in SLG (.568), RBI (20 – a full 33% more than 2nd place Glaus and Howard’s 15), HR (7), Isolated Power (.338) and total bases (42). He is 2nd in extra base hits and in the top 5 in OPS.

He is one of only 3 players in PTP history to execute a 7/20 – 7 HR’s and 20 or more RBI (the others being former MVP’s Manny SLP’09 and Javy SLP’04). And in perhaps the most telling stat when it comes to naming an MVP, Vinny had a ridiculous SIX GWRBI’s which ties him for the most all-time with notorious PTP masher-extraordinaire and Slapper nemesis Jim Edmonds BNB’06 (also a former MVP). So, in a full 75% of the Hairys wins this year, it was Vinny who led them to victory. I would submit that no player in PTP history has been so directly responsible for SO MANY of his team’s wins. I love you, Vinny. You can hit .230 for me anytime.

Hairys Keep Hope Alive!!!!

The Gary Hairys and the Schnurrbarts met in the first game of a Schnurrbart double-header Wednesday afternoon and in a do-or-die situation, the Hairys came up huge in the clutch with a 13-0 pasting of the ‘staches that kept the 2010 Wild-Card Dream alive for the Hairys and Hens. Manager Bowman can still pilot his team to the world series with a victory, but a Schnurrbart victory will mean everyone has another chance (come on, jon!!!!)

Manager Ockey gave the ball to John Thomson who came up huge, pitching 6 and 1/3 innings of shut-out ball, giving up 6 hits and striking out 5. It was Jeremy Bonderman for the Schnurr’s and he matched Thomson until the 2nd when Vinny Castilla took a 1-2 fastball deep off the facade in left field for a 1-0 Hairys lead. Thomson got shook up in the 3rd, giving up a single, passed ball, walk and single leading to a bases loaded jam. He got Ken Harvey to ground out to short, however to end the threat.

The Hairys tacked on another run in the 4th on back-to-back doubles by Walker and Millar, and then really erupted in the 5th. Finley led off with a single, then was thrown out trying to get to third on an Ibanez single. A Bonderman WP moved Ibanez to 2nd, a Bruntlett single (followed by an SB) gave Ockey men on 2nd and 3rd with one out. He went to his bench early, bringing in Klesko to pinch-hit for the poor-hitting Molina. That back-fired as Klesko K’d for the 2nd out. Then, the Hairys began one of the most furious 2-out attacks in recent memory: Thomas doubled, scoring Ibanez and Bruntlett and chasing Bonderman, Walker singled off new pitcher Jorge Julio scoring Thomas, Millar singled and moved to 2nd on an error by Mackowiak, then Ryan Klesko went deep with a 3-run blast for an 8-0 Hairy lead, Castilla doubled which brought up Finley who then ended the inning he also started.

The Hairys struck again in the 7th – Thomas chased Julio with a single to lead off, moved to 2nd on an FC, stole third (tying Love God Winn for the league lead [and all-time record]in the process) and scored on another close FC. It was then Vinny C. again with a 3-run yakker to give him 4 RBI on the day and a 12-0 Hairys lead. Finley followed that up with a bomb of his own, giving the Hairys a 13-0 advantage and giving Vargas an in-game ERA of 108. That would be all the scoring as Flores and Torres came in to preserve the shut-out and there was much rejoicing in Hairy Nation.

Just for fun, a flashback to Season 1

Here’s exactly how it went down, the last time Bart clinched a playoff berth, in the final game of the season, against Ted’s Sardine/Cache Mongeese in 2004. It was one of the most crucial and pivotal games in the history of DMB Davis league. The winner of this game would win a trip to the World Series, while the loser would cry himself to sleep on his huge pillow. Ted’s Mongeese (Mongi?) had a 3-2 lead in the 8th inning…

************** Bottom of the 8th inning, Curb Dogs batting

3-2 0 — 10 Ordonez to second on an error by the second baseman
Soriano (BX)
Spooneybarger now pitching
3-2 0 -2- 30 Castillo walked (BBBB)
3-2 0 12- 00 Spooneybarger threw a wild pitch, Ordonez to third,
Castillo to second (B)
3-2 0 -23 10 Mora lined a double to left center, Ordonez scored,
Castillo scored (B.X)

3-4 0 -2- 02 Helton grounded out to short (CSX)
3-4 1 -2- 12 Koskie grounded out to short, Mora to third (BFFX)
Gagne now pitching
3-4 2 –3 12 Kendall struck out, Rodriguez to Ortiz (SCBS)

************** Top of the 9th inning, Sardine/Cache Monge batting
3-4 0 — 01 Soriano grounded out to short (CX)
3-4 1 — 12 Mueller flied out to right (CBFX)
3-4 2 — 32 Ortiz walked (CBCBBFB)
Reyes pinch hitting for Rodriguez
3-4 2 1– 00 Reyes lined a single up the middle, Ortiz to second (X)
3-4 2 12- 01 Guerrero was hit by a pitch, Ortiz to third, Reyes to
second (FH)
3-4 2 123 22 Podsednik struck out

Jerry, please beat Jon.
Jon, please beat Bart.
Love, Ted