2009 Draft

Tomorrow Night Is The Draft. I just crapped my pants. How is everyone’s scouting coming along? Mine stinks, I’ve only scouted about 30 minutes total. Or maybe I’ve taken the whole week off work to scout. You have no idea. But methinks that Friday night around 7pm you all will know.

Dogzz get Called to Lancaster, PA

At the last minute the Dogzz have been called to a paying gig in Lancaster PA, on Thursday night and Friday day the Dogzz bat and balls have to be in Pennsyltucky, the land of the Amish. It is with deep regret that I report that the Dogzz will have to take a rain trip from the greatest PTP day of all time. I am in mourning. I will sent Ted will a case of Jolt Cola and 5 lbs of Cache Vally Cheese Curds to make up for my absence. I am sorry but, this t what happens when you are sticking to the man. Brian, I apologize for all the work you have put in to creat schedules and such. You are the coolest for maintianing the fevered pitch of the website and the passion for the game. I know that mot of your time has been spent scouting so I am not to sorry for that. Tell Ebay that we all appreciate them.

Karren returns from anniversary getaway in time to remind other managers they are not good

You guys – I’m glad you know something about technology, because I do not. But I do know a thing or two about PTP drafts, and Thursday night is mine. May your judgment be cloudy, your carbonated beverages be flat, your teams be laughable, and may you consider taking Chipper Jones #1. Speaking of great music, by the way, I annoyed Robin all the way to Red Rock pass, just north of Swan Lake, Idaho, the other day with an old Milli Vanilli cassette tape. It took me all the way back to the amazing days of 1989. Days where Information Society, Fine Young Cannibals, Madonna, and Tears for Fears ruled the world. I say thank goodness for either of your ipods, because without them all we’d have is my old mix tapes.

Scouting Tangent To 2005 Player Cards

As the 2004 Season heats up with this last month’s playoff push, I have began to study the players that will be entering our draft pool for the 2011 or 2012 season. Without a Barry Bonds it is hard to say thus far who the #1 pick will be when the 2005 player stats arrive. Will Arod finally get a chance to play? Will Giambi continue his mashing and be a familiar face at 1st? Does Derek Lee have the chance for a PTP Triple Crown? Carpenter will be the game’s first 20 game winner, but will his stats reflect that, or is he simply riding the Cardinal offense to a Cy Young? Oh baby, it is obvious that steroids have depleted the league somewhat of a no-brainer-HR-mashing-#1-pick. The 2009 season will be the 4th season using the 2004 players, and it looks like we will get the 2010 season done and possibly the 2011 season before the newbies come in.

I need a break.