1st – 5 Draft Day

Draft Day, which is arguably the most exciting day of the season, has come and gone.  How much can be determined by the 1st 5 picks?  History has shown that you are most likely to get to the World Series if your first 5 picks perform as they would be expected to.  There have been 5 drafts, 4 seasons completed, and 1 supplemental draft.  That leaves 3 clean drafts with complete seasons.  In each of those 3 World Series, the winner’s first 5 picks performed better than the other team’s first 5.  The best drafts with respect to the performance of the first 5 draft picks:

1.  Happy Slappers ’04 (Lopez MVP, Hudson Cy Young, Prior 4th in Cy Young) WS Champ
2.  Banida Bison ’06 (Sheets 3.47 ERA, Bonds .328, 4, 22, 4) WS Champ
3.  Curb Dogs ’04    (Zito 3.98, Sabathia 2.93, Padilla 3.32) Wild Card
4.  Sand Bitches ’05 (Gagne 8 Sv, Santana 3.24, Loaiza 3.04) WS Champ

Whose 1st 5 will fair the best in ’07? 

Jerry                Ted                        Brian
2007                2007                     2007
Bobby Abreu   Miguel Tejada        Hideki Matsui
Sean Casey     Carlos Beltran         Scott Williamson
Carl Pavano     Mark Grudzielanek Manny Ramirez
Matt Clement   Larry Walker         Aramis Ramirez
Johnny Damon  Jose Hernandez     Ted Lilly

Brian                  Ted                   Jon                       Bart

2004                  2004                 2004                    2004

Albert Pujols      Jason Schmidt    Pedro Martinez   Todd Helton
Tim Hudson       Roy Halladay      Esteban Loaiza   Barry Zito
Javy Lopez        Eric Gagne          Barry Bonds      Corey Koskie
Mark Prior        Johan Santana     Edgar Renteria   CC Sabathia
Billy Wagner     Roy Oswalt         Richie Sexson     Vicente Padilla

2005                  2005                 2005                    2005

Javy Lopez         Eric Gagne        Eddie Guardado   CC Sabathia
Albert Pujols      Roy Oswalt       Dan Miceli           Todd Helton
Mark Prior        Jose Reyes        Juan Pierre           Vicente Padilla
Tim Hudson       Johan Santana   Edgar Renteria      Jose Guillen
Barry Zito          Esteban Loaiza  Rod Beck             Shigetoshi Hasegawa
2006                   2006                 2006                     2006

Johan Santana     Ben Sheets        Randy Johnson      Adrian Beltre
Ichiro Suzuki       Kiko Calero      Oliver Perez          Odalis Perez
Melvin Mora       Travis Hafner     Brad Lidge           Jake Peavy
Roger Clemens    Adam Dunn      Carlos Zambrano  Doug Davis
Carlos Guillen     Barry Bonds      Jason Schmidt       Bronson Arroyo


hot diggity dog

fellas, as i visit the eye doctor and get a knife put in my eye Friday at 5:00 then eat Mexican food with the McCulloughs before they move to St. George at 7:15 then drive to Twin Falls Idaho at 8:45 to sleep in a tent trailer with 6 humans and 342 flies, i will be thinking of ptp incessantly and considering the fact that the season is won and lost with the final 10 picks of a draft.

Something Hairy This Way Comes…

With the 2008 Davis PTP League Draft in full swing, the time is now to officially announce that returning manager Jerry Ockey’s franchise will be known this year as The Gary-Hairys and will play their games in historic Fenway Park.
With respect to the name, team linguist Brian Wangsgaard had this to say, “When the phrase Gary-Hairy first inexplicably escaped my lips during a wicked game of Smear the Queer some 20 years ago, little did I know that one day it would serve as the moniker of this proud franchise. No doubt it will now be spoken in reverential tones in clubhouses across the land. It will be shouted from the rooftops by myriads of exhuberant fans. And, it will be cursed and feared by many.” Indeed.
And, with the first part of the draft in the books, Gary-Hairy anticipation is at a fever pitch. However, veteran managers Utley and Karren showed why they are world champs with many a deft pick and a wise decision.
The teams are forming, the lines are being drawn. Soon, the ptp hounds will be released….