Slappers Strike Out 26 In Double Header

Slappers and Bison met for their opening day matchups late Sunday and split the doubleheader. Santana struck out 11 in 5.1 innings but was erratic and misused his curveball. Bison pounded him for 7 hits and 7 runs. Barry was the story of the series, hitting 3 home runs. Burnett struck out 10 in 6 innings during the second game and claimed the first win for the Slappers. Bonds came up in the bottom of the ninth with a chance to tie. Benitez decided to not intentionally walk him and worked him to a 3-1 count before eventually walking him. Rowand came up and flew out to Suzuki to end the game, and Mr. Karren’s winning streak.

The Big Unit Sticks it in

The Big Unit, aka Randy Johnson, stuck it to the Davis County Dogz. Dogz have been slipping and sliding and finished last season in a disaterous mess. With complete restructuring and new management style the Dogz have tried to change their fate. With one game in the books it is hard to say but it does not look good. “The score doesn’t tell the whole story,” says new skipper Waverly Kaye Bowman,”the ninth inning slugfest by the Germans was the price we paid. Hoffman was tired, we were already out of the game, its early in the season and we need our relief pitching, and we couldn’t hit the pecker–no pun intended.” This reporter wouldn’t call the Big Unit a Pecker but that is a direct quoted. Owner Ami Bowman had this to say, “That potty mouthed three year old, I’ll wash her mouth out.” The season is far from over and this series with the Germans is only 1/3 over. Can the Dogz recover, simulation says no. In 7 seasons simulated by Bart “The Big Dog” Bowman, Dogz never came in first and only came in second once. Bad drafting? Who knows, only the real season will unlock the destiny of the ill-fated Dogz. Maybe they will change their name during the season.