Coming down to the wire entering season’s final week

The Sardine and Cache Mongeese picked up a crucial series win by taking two of three from the ne’er-say-die Jumping Germans. The final game came down to a late inning rally first by the Germans to take the lead in the 7th, then another rally to take the lead at last in the 8th by the Mongeese. Eric Gagne, in only his second appearance of the season (who is managing that team?), picked up the win. The Mongeese, who all of the sudden cannot stop hitting the shiite out of the ball, are only 1 game out a playoff spot with a pivotal 6 game series with the Curb Dogs to go.

Slappers Cruise Into 1st Place.


Slappers took 2 of 3 games from the Curb Dogs this evening after losing to them in their first 4 attempts. Padilla again baffled the Slappers through 10 innings giving up only 5 hits. Brandon Webb made his debut as a starter for the 2nd game, allowing only 2 runs into the 9th before giving way to Wagner who clinched the win. The 3rd game was a home run derby as the Slappers pulled ahead on 2 HR’s by Albert Pujols. Mora and Helton added blasts in the bottom of the ninth but the Slappers had already built a hefty lead and won 9-8. Mark Prior struck out 10 batters and leads the league with 26. He is now 2-1. Pujols and Beltran seem to be out of their season long slump by going a combined 5-7 with 6 RBI’s. They are both above the .200 mark for the first time in several games. Sheffield still remains at .191. Castillo for the Dogs extended his hit streak to 11 games.

After meditation, Jumpers win 2 straight

Yes the cost of the first class tickets to Tibet have paid off. The team won 2 games in a row. The first game was quite a pitching dual. Kevin brown managed to throw a complete game. He only allowed one run and had 10 strikeouts. He was a workhouse having thrown 135 pitches. In the second game Barry Bonds went 3 for 3, 3 RBIs, 2 walks and 2 Home Runs. Bond was briefly interviewed leaving the stadium saying “I was skeptical of our trip to Tibet, but hell I am a big believer in the power of HHHHUUUUUUMMMMMMMMMMM now!”

Sheffield Hits Boiling Point

(Reuters) Gary Sheffield, tempermental right fielder for the Slappers, lost it today at Smith’s in Farmington after being asked when the Slappers will play again. Already on edge after not playing for several days, Sheffield through a Krispy Kreme donut at the checkout girl and screamed “WHY DONT YOU ASK THE DOGS AND GERMANS!!!!!” With the Krispy Kreme firmly lodged in the employee’s throat he got on the loudspeaker and taunted the remaining customers, “any curb dog or jumping german fans out here want a piece of me? you better watch yo’ ass!”. Tensions are high as the Mongi and Slappers are enduring their 6th day of baseball isolation.