Slappers Stop Skid

Paul Goldschmidt
Goldschmidt Doubles Off The Wall In The 3rd

The Slappers opened up the flood gates Saturday evening with a dominant win against the Senators.  The Slappers had lost 7 in a row, the 3rd worst span of games for Mgr. Utley, before raking in 14 hits and 8 runs to defeat the Senators 8-2.  Goldschmidt and Ruggiano both had 3 hits and Gio Gonzalez notched his 4th win, going 7 winnings, allowing 2 ER and K’ing 9.

The Slappers are 5.5 games out with 24 to play.

Adrian Gonzalez Drinks My Milkshake

"Try this on for size, chump"

Adrian Gonzalez is seriously owning me this season. He alone is solely responsible for 3 of my losses this season. In 4 games against the Hairys, A-Gonz is hitting .500 (7/14) with 6 runs scored, 4 bombs and THIRTEEN RBI’s. Thirteen RBI’s in 4 games?!?!? That’s rude, plain and simple. Rest assured, if there was a “bean batter” option, it would have been used with abandon on this clown by now.